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We can all agree, our eyes are our most important asset! So taking care of them is of the utmost importance. Luckily for you, at Optical Avenue, we live, love and breathe all things optical and are here to help.

Contact lens technology

Over the last few years, contact lenses have become more and more popular amongst people with vision problems.

They are very convenient for people who participate regularly in different sport activities that prohibit wearing glasses for safety issues. Daily, fortnightly and sleep in monthly contact lenses are available.

With the constantly evolving contact lens technology, more efficient, comfortable and safe contact lenses are manufactured regularly.

Hence, the importance to undergo regular eye examinations  - not only for your vision, but the health of your eyes and for the latest available technology.

Optometrist Gladstone Park

The best and latest lenses

In order to guarantee that all our patients are completely satisfied with our services and products, Optical Avenue ensures to provide only the best and latest lenses on the market. Whether you are looking for hard, soft, disposable or continuous wear lenses, you can be sure to find what you need at Optical Avenue.

Even if you have had trouble with contacts in the past, it is worthwhile having a test and trying a free pair of silicon lenses.

You will be impressed by the increased comfort and convenience they offer nowadays.

Optometrist Gladstone Park

New innovations contact lenses

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